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Solar Panels Technician

Solar in Australia

Bringing decades of global PV development expertise to secure Australia's energy security through solar.  

For the past nearly 40 years our team has been at the forefront of solar development and manufacture throughout the value chain and across the globe. 

With experience in China, Taiwan, Canada, the USA, Germany and more, we have accumulated the technical, operational and financial expertise to bring PV manufacturing plants and solar farms to life. Let's work together to build a strong, reliable and ethical industry in Australia to satisfy the insatiable global needs for solar power over the coming decades.



Global Experts


Globally significant PV businesses developed 


Years in research, development, building and financing PV businesses


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Recent PV News
US: The IRA Impact on U.S. Clean Energy Manufacturing
January 2023

A webinar adressing the US climate legislation incentivises which provide a more competitive environment for the domestic US solar manufacturing, allowing local manufacturers to be competitive against global competitors and discussion of why now is the right time to develop the PV supply chain.  

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PWC and the CSIRO Step out Australia's Silicon Action Plan 
November 2022

Prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the CSIRO, the Australian Silicon Action Plan outlines the economic benefits available to us by inevesting in an integrated silicon and solar cell supply chain. 

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The Australian National Reconstruction Fund is announced
October 2022

With the aim of bringing innovation and manufacturing back to Australia, the Australian Government has committed AUD 15 billion to establish the National Reconstruction Fund (NRF). With AUD 3 billion earmarked for renewable and low emission technologies, the NRF is a promissing step forward for the PV industry in Australia.

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The PV Industry Needs 12x the level of Polysilicon by 2050: UNSW Report
August 2022

Research shows that given the predicted level of solar power demand by 2050, the world has a short supply of Polysilicon suitable for PV usage, which predictions by the University of NSW showing the need will be 12x the current level.

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